Friday, August 19, 2011

Shoes! Shoes! Shoes!

I've been in Perth for a month and a bit now and I have come across the most *amazing* online shoestore! StyleTread stocks shoes for fashionistas with every budget range out there. Plus, they ship anywhere in Australia for free, as well as free returns and a free 100-day return policy. They even encourage you to buy as much as you want and return the ones you don't like. So crazy and so easy to get sucked in. I like checking out the store everyday as their items on sale tend to change every once in a while so keep your eyes peeled. You can also request to be notified by email if a shoe model in your size becomes available. :-D

Some of my favourites for the moment are:
Mayfield Taupe by Stella Jewell
Mrs Smith by Peep Toe
Nakki Black by I Love Billy
Veruca Salt Floral by Soles

One day, I may give in and buy a pair (or 10) just to deck my footsies in new shoes. Until then, I'll just keep browsing. ;-)

Monday, November 15, 2010

Freebie: Custom stationery on The Wedding Chicks

Score! I found this website that can do a selection of custom invites, save the dates and various other stationery to suit your tastes based on the templates they provide on their website. The steps are really as easy as 1,2,3...

1. Choose your design
2. Customise your design with the appropriate text, colours etc.
3. The finished product will be emailed to you immediately

I love it! There is even a Mad Men themed save-the-date for all of you Draperettes. The possibilities and combinations are endless. Gorgeous!

Above are the ones I sampled to show you what can be done. Disclaimer: these templates are for personal, non-commercial use only, as mentioned on The Wedding Chicks website.

Enjoy today's freebie!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Bridal inspiration on the net

I've been perusing a few websites with many wonderful images and these are my favourites so far:

1. Style Me Pretty

2. 100 Layer Cake

3. The Inspired Bride

4. Marry You Me

5. Once Wed (Balqies' recommendation)

All of the above are wedding inspired. Here are some design blogs with ideas that can be applied to weddings, combined with your individual flair *wink*:

1. Twig and Thistle

2. HELLOmynameisheather

3. Sweet Tooth (cakes and desserts galore!)

4. Somewhere Splendid

I'm planning on using some of these ideas for an upcoming personal event (nothing wedding related!) which could possibly include some simple decorations, delicious homemade desserts and lots of fun. Watch this space!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Gorgeous Crochet Dress

Bridal Fantasy by Patricia Williams
(Photography: Doris J. Chan
© 2010 Doris J. Chan)

Loving this dress (it's called Bridal Fantasy) I saw on Doris Chan's blog and thought it was absolutely gorgeous! Of course, it was only fitting that it won the CGOA 2010 Design Competition. Designed by Patricia Williams, it incorporates Irish Crochet in the backpiece and the belt. I wish I had the concentration and commitment to complete a project this beautiful. One day, maybe...

Friday, June 4, 2010

My kind of local honeymoon destinations

Every couple feels almost obliged to go on a honeymoon after the wedding right? So I've been told anyway. Flipping through a travel magazine recently (I think it was Kunang2, Fireflyz's inflight magazine), I came across an article on a wee place in the hills of Negeri Sembilan called The Dusun. The photos were absolutely gorgeous and the layout of the chalets allowed for a lot of privacy while being at one with nature. Some chalets even have their own pools (based on the photos I saw). Convenient!

Berembun House @ The Dusun
(Photography: Jason Tan
© 2010 The Dusun)

I told HB about it and he loved the idea. The location is not too far and it seems quite suitable for a weekend getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city. I mentioned it to my colleagues and they suggested some similar places where couples could go for their honeymoon or for friends to get away together for a weekend. Check out The Dusun's website for more information, as well as photos of the place.

Jojo mentioned that there was a place near Rawang called Serendah so Google was employed to enlighten us on the mystery that is Sekeping Serendah Retreat. They have 5 'sheds' or 'glorified tents' (their words, not mine), all equipped with a kitchen, queen sized beds with mosquito nets and outdoor showers.

Glass Shed @ Sekeping Serendah Retreat
(Photograph © 2010 Sekeping Serendah)

Meggie also mentioned a place in Penang where her cousin had been to called Jerejak and what we found online was the Jerejak Rainforest Resort and Spa. They have quaint-looking chalets while offering services such as spa packages and team-building programmes as well as providing banquet and conference halls for various events. It's more for families who want to go away for a holiday as it has everything for everyone. I think I did also see an article on Jerejak in the same issue of Kunang2 as the The Dusun article. The night photography was absolutely breathtaking. Gotta love beautiful photos.

I still like The Dusun the best as it is still far away from everything as far as the eye can see and the layout as well as the concept doesn't seem too contrived. I'm constantly on the lookout for inspiration and ideas so feel free to let me know of some secret places you know of.